9 Magical Unicorn Fabrics for Your Next Sewing Project

Unicorn Fabric

Finding the best unicorn fabric for your sewing project can take a bit of magic.

Finding the best unicorn fabric for your sewing project can take a bit of magic. Unicorns are one of those animals that are popular across the board, and there seem to be thousands of unicorn fabric-by-the-yard options available to buy online. 

Who’s got time for all that? We’re all about making things easier for sewists who want to find the right fabric for their projects. So we went searching for amazing unicorn fabrics across the major online stores, pulling together our favorites in one place.

What types of projects are a good fit for unicorn fabric?

When we think of unicorn fabric, we might immediately think of kids clothes and home goods. Items like shirts, dresses, leggings, and blankets are all popular sewing projects for unicorn fabric.

But unicorns can be for adults too.

Dating back to their use in medieval painting, unicorns have a fascinating place in art history. There are many old paintings of unicorns that are beautiful and mysterious. Some of the unicorn fabrics featured in the list below appear to take inspiration from this history. Unicorns can be cute, but they can also be majestic and sophisticated. So don’t shy away from using a unicorn print in a sewing project for adults.

1. Fuschia Minky Unicorn Fabric

fuchsia unicorns

With light blues, pinks, and white colors and a super soft minky feel, this fabric would be a gorgeous choice for a child’s blanket or accessory.

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2. Happy Pink Little Unicorns Unicorns with Rainbows

pink unicorn and rainbow fabric

With a soft pink background color combined with the always-popular rainbows, this fabric would be delightful on children’s clothes or as decor in a kids’ bedroom.

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3. Unicorn Love

Unicorn Fabric

A beautiful fabric design by Spoonflower designer Paper Canoe Design, this forest-themed design uses an on-trend color palette of turquoise, gray, coral, and gold.

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Also available in a large scale version.

4. Unicorn Fields

baby girl fabric

A gentle, calming color palette makes this fabric by designer Shelby Allison a great choice for newborn babies.

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5. Medieval Unicorn

medieval unicorn art fabric

Inspired by medieval art, this design by Peaquoette Designs has a more adult vibe than most of the other fabrics on this list.

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6. The Mermaid and the Unicorn

mermaid and unicorn fabric

Can’t decide between unicorns and mermaids? This gorgeous fabric by designer Cecelia Mok has ’em both. The striking color palette and sophisticated illustration style makes this an intriguing option for all sorts of sewing projects.

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7. Unicorns in Nocturnal Forest

purple unicorn fabric

This forest-themed fabric from designer Rebecca Reck Art features a hand-drawn illustrations of flowers and trees in a sumptuous blue and purple color palette.

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8. Galloping Purple Unicorns Pattern

galloping purple unicorns

With vibrant colors & bold graphics, this purple patterned fabric is sure to win compliments.

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9. Magic Folk Fabric

scandinavian unicorn fabric

A versatile design that combines unicorns with rabbits and birds, this fabric has an aestheetic that brings to mind Scandinavian folk designs.

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