6 dinosaur fabric designs that roar

Dinosaur print fabric

Searching for the right dinosaur print fabric for your sewing project can feel like its own type of archeology, with hours of digging and searching. The widespread popularity of dinosaurs means that there are hundreds upon hundreds of options available across the major fabric-by-the-yard websites. This post curates 6 favorite colorful dinosaur fabrics in one place to help make your decision a little easier.

1. Turquoise and Magenta dinosaur print fabric

turquoise dinosaur

The turquoise and magenta color palette gives this fabric a gender-neutral appeal, and the fun design lends a friendly, happy quality. Medium weight, tight woven Turkish dock fabric.

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2. Realistic dinosaurs in black

realistic dinosaurs

This cotton fabric stands out with its realistic illustrations of dinosaurs. Can’t you just see this perfectly at home as a blanket on top of the bed of a kid who loves science?

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3. Purple dinosaurs

purple dinosaur fabric

A tight woven Turkish dock fabric made from polyester, the purple and blue colors in this pattern make it a nice choice for a dino-loving girl .

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4. Fleecy dinosaur fabric

dinosaur fleece fabric

This dinosaur fleece fabric would be a great choice for a child’s blanket or special snuggly jammies.

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5. Camo Dinosaur Fabric

camo dino

For the kid who insists they don’t want anything cute, this cool fabric pattern uses a camouflage color scheme of olive green and brown with dinosaur silhouettes to create a design that is more grown-up than many others.

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6. Dinos on navy

Dinosaur print fabric

Beautifully illustrated and textured, this dinosaur fabric has a classic, timeless quality that makes it worth considering for any kids project.

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