10 Rainbow Fabric Options for Colorful Sewing Projects

Jersey novelty print

Just like when we see a rainbow emerging after a rainstorm, the right rainbow fabric can bring a smile to anyone’s face. A rainbow stripe fabric has a classic, offbeat sensibility (think: Mork’s suspenders), while a pastel rainbow fabric can be remarkably versatile, used in everything from nurseries to adult hipster fashion.

There’s just something about rainbows that connects many different styles. But one of the common threads is fun.

In this post, we’re bringing together some of the best rainbow fabric patterns from the most-popular online fabric-by-the-yard shops. Continue reading below to find a colorful collection of cute rainbow fabric options for your next sewing project.

1. Rainbow Stripe on White Background

Rainbow striped fabric with white background

This timeless rainbow stripe fabric would be a perfect fit for a nursery or a whimsical accessory.

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2. Mini Pastel Rainbow Pattern

pastel rainbow fabric

This lovely cotton rainbow fabric has a soft, pastel color palette and offers a subtle and sophisticated — yet still quirky — spin.

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Also available in brighter colors.

3. Rainbow Polka Dot Fabric

Rainbow Polka Dot Fabric

Rainbow polka dots are another classic design with a festive, celebratory vibe. This lightweight, 100% cotton fabric varies slightly from a straight-forward polka dot pattern, giving a nice twist on the classic.

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4. Rainbow Heart Fabric

Rainbow Heart Fabric

A cotton fabric with a cute rainbow heart pattern that simply radiates joy and love.

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5. Rainbow Plaid Fabric

This hip buffalo rainbow plaid fabric would make for a stylish clothing or home goods project. A great plaid choice for when you want

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6. Rainbow Batik Fabric

Rainbow batik fabric

Its hard to get more vibrant and bold than a rainbow batik fabric, and this 100 cotton option would stand out in any environment.

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7. Gradient Rainbow Stripes

gradient rainbow stripes

A subtle variation on the classic bold rainbow stripe pattern, this design offers a color gradient on each color of the rainbow, lending it a gentle appearance.

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8. Painted Rainbow Tie-Dye

Rainbow tie dye fabric

Not technically a tie-dye, but still carrying that tie-dye vibe, this painted rainbow design is free-spirited and bold.

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9. Rainbow Brushstroke Stripes

Rainbow Brushstroke fabric

When you think of rainbows, some words that come to mind are vibrant, fun, and eye-catching. This fabric covers all those bases.

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10. Jersey Knit Rainbow Novelty Pattern

Jersey novelty print

A cute rainbow novelty print that works beautifully for all ages.

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