9 stunning galaxy fabric designs

glitter galaxy

The stars in the sky are one of the most powerful symbols we have. It’s no wonder that galaxy print fabrics are so popular.

On the one hand, outer space is the ultimate frontier. In our books and movies, it’s a place for adventure and discovery.

And in our own regular lives here on earth, so many of us carry special memories of stargazing, learning constellations, or seeing a shooting star.

For this post, we’ve rounded up 9 stunning galaxy fabric designs from various fabric-by-the-yard sites. We decided to do separate posts for fabric designs depicting constellations and general outer space imagery like astronauts and planets.

Today we’re focusing on fabrics that have an atmospheric aesthetic like the swirls of the Milky Way.

1. Space Galaxy Fabric

galaxy pattern fabric

This deep outer space inspired design would bring an atmospheric quality to any project.

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2. Minky Luxe Cuddle Galaxy Fabric

galaxy fleece fabric

Perfect for when you want the “milky Way effect” without the outer space theme, this moody and mysterious fabric is available in many color options.

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3. Shadowy Gray Sky and Clouds

gray galaxy pattern

A lovely and versatile atmospheric design featuring swirling clouds and points of light.

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4. Space Odyssey Galactic Stars

space fabric milky way pattern

Colorful and energetic, this bright blue fabric directly references the circular Milky Way galaxy shape, lending it a feeling of scientific discovery and exploration.

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5. Northern Lights Starry Sky Fabric Pattern

northern lights fabric

Combing dark blue tones, this quieter and more contemplative design brings to mind gazing into the night sky.

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6. Tiny Metallic Gold Stars on Black

gold sparkle galaxy pattern fabric

Who can resist a little gold sparkle? Not us!

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7. Galaxy Purple Glitter Novelty Cotton Fabric

purple glitter galaxy pattern by the yard

Another deep space theme with striking colors.

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8. Plush Fleece Coral Galaxy Pattern

fleece galaxy fabric

This fleece galaxy fabric zigs in a totally different an unexpected color direction, introducing popular coral pink tones.

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9. Plush Fleece Starry Sky Fabric

galaxy pattern fleece fabric

Another fleece galaxy fabric perfect for star gazing on cold, cozy nights.

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